Thermal spray wire & powder in a wide range of alloys for high-temperature corrosion protection, bonding layers, build-up coating and sealing. For wire, we also call them arc spray wire or flame spray wire. Wisdom produce wire & powder that is sure to meet the demands of your thermal spray coating application. From iron based amorphous alloys to nickel based alloys and other alloys for the aerospace industry, Wisdom is the first class wire & powder in China for full range of thermal spray operations. Wisdom produce over 60 alloys for thermal spray applications. We also can produce many kinds of sizes from small size to large size for different applications. We are very proud that we can offer best quality and cleanest wire for you. And with a good reputation in our clients and market.

Below is a full list of Thermal Spray Wire & Powder offered by Wisdom. If you cannot find the product that you are looking for, please contact us directly.

  • WD Item
  • Nickel base alloy wires
  • NiCrAl (P)
    Tafa 73MXC, Oerlikon Metco 8443
  • NiCrAlY (P)
    Tafa 76MXC, Oerlikon Metco 884
  • NiMoAl (P)
    Tafa 74MXC, Oerlikon Metco 8447
  • NiAl 80/20
    TAFA 79B, Metco 405, PMET 884
    High Temperature Oxidation and Abrasion Resistance
  • NiAl 95/5
    Tafa 75B, PMET885, Oerlikon Metco8400
    Bond Coat, Turbine Engine Part Buildup
  • NiCr 80/20
    TAFA 06C, Metco 8450, PMET 821
    Oxidation and heat resistant coating
  • Invar 36
  • Pure Nickel
    Tafa 06T, Oerlikon Metco Nickel
    Corrosion Resistance, Impellers, Sleeves
  • Monel400
    Tafa 70T, Oerlikon Metco Monel
    Restoration, Rolls, Sea Water Service
  • NiCrTi
    TAFA 45CT, Metco 8500, PMET 889
    Boiler Tubes, Corrosion Resistance
  • Inconel718
    Tafa 78T, Oerlikon Metco8718
    Oxidation Resistance, Turbine Engines
  • Inconel625
    Tafa 71T, Oerlikon Metco8625
    Corrosion, Digestors, Oxidation Resistance
  • Alloy C-276
    Tafa 77T, Oerlikon Metco8276
    Resistance to Reducing/Oxidizing Corrosives
  • Alloy B-1
  • Alloy B-2
  • Alloy B-3
  • FeNi52
    PMET FeNi52
    Build-up coating for dimensional restoration
  • NiCr35/20
    Machinable Coatings, Oxidation Resistance
  • Iron base alloy wires
  • SS200 S
    PMET 723, Tafa 55T, Metcoloy 5
    Abrasion Resistance, Boiler Tubes, Rolls
  • SS304
    PMET 710, Tafa 80T, Metcoloy 1
    Corrosion Resistance, Print Rolls, Restoration
  • SS316
    PMET 730, Tafa 85T, Oerlikon Metco Metcoloy4
    Corrosion Resistance, Print Rolls, Shafts
  • SS420
    Tafa 60T, PMET720
    Machine Elements, Wear Resistance
  • FeCrAl
    Tafa Alcro, PMET731
    Boiler Tubes, Dimension Restoration
  • FeAl (P)
    TAFA 35 MXC, PMET 50
    Traction and Anti-Skid Coatings
  • LCr Carbide (P)
    TAFA 98 MXC, PMET 223
    Corrosion and Wear Protection
  • Cr Carbide (P)
    Boiler Tubes & Tube Shields
  • HCr Carbide (P)
    Metco SM 8222, PMET 226
    Boiler Tubes & Tube Shields
  • Van Carbide (P)
    Hardfacing ,Wear resistance
  • Tungsten Carbide (P)
    Hardfacing ,Wear resistance
  • FeCrBSi (P)
    Tafa 95 MXC
    Boiler tubes& tube shields
  • FeCrNiB (P)
    TAFA 96 MXC, PMET 296
    High Temperature Corrosion Protection
  • H Tungsten Carbide (P)
    TAFA 97 MXC, Metco Duocor, PMET 297
    Abrasion and Wear resistance
  • Amorphous Alloy (P)
    TAFA 90 MXC
    Abrasion and Wear resistance
  • Aluminum & Zinc base alloy wires
  • Pure Al
    Tafa01T, Metco Aluminum , PMET699
    Corrosion Resistance, Electric Conductivity
  • Pure Al 1100
    Corrosion Resistance, Electric Conductivity
  • Pure Zn
    Tafa 02Z, Oerlikon Metco Zinc
    Corrosion Resistance, Electrical Conductivity
  • ZnAl85/15
    Tafa 02A
    Corrosion Resistance, Electrical Conductivity
  • ZnAl95/5
    Corrosion Resistance, Electrical Conductivity
  • AlSi5
    Electrical Conductivity
  • AlMg5
    Metco AlMg
    Corrosion Resistance, Electrical Conductivity
  • AlMnMg5
    Corrosion Resistance, Electrical Conductivity
  • Copper base alloy wires
  • Pure Copper
    Machinery, desalting of seawater, ship-building, oil refinery
  • CuSn1
    TAFA 05T
    low coefficient of friction, high friction properties
  • CuSi3Mn1
    Corrosion, reduce friction, high friction properties
  • CuSn6P
    Construction of equipment petrochemical industry
  • CuSn9P
    Construction of equipment for the chemical industry
  • CuAl8
    Metco Sprabronze AB
    Corrosion, reduce friction
  • CuAl10
    TAFA 10T, Metco Sprabronze AA, PMET 590
    Coated steel in machinery
  • CuAl11Fe
    Chemical industry
  • CuAl8Ni2
    Iron welding in shipbuilding
  • CuAl9Ni5
    Resistance to erosion
  • CuMn13Al7
    Corrosion resistance, wear resistance
  • CuZn40
    Arc welding and arc welding in Brass
  • CuZn40SnSi
    For padding material of gas-welding
  • CuZn40Ni
    Arc welding and arc welding in Brass
  • CuZn40Ni10
    Brazing and braze welding of steel, cast iron, copper, copper alloys
  • CuNi30
    Machinery, desalting of seawater, ship-building, oil refinery
  • CuNi10
    Glass industry , Ceramic industry
  • Other alloy wires
  • Molybdenum wire
    Tafa 13T, Oerlikon Metco Spraybond
    Corrosion & wear, piston rings
  • Babbitt wire
    Tafa 04T, Oerlikon Metco Spraybabbit
    Bearings, Solderable connections
  • Tin wire
    Solderable surface for electrical components
  • Ti wire
    Medical equipment
  • Al2O3 ceramic rod
    sealing parts, valve seats
  • Cr2O3 ceramic rod
    pump components
  • ZrO2 ceramic rod
    thermal insulation ring
  • Al2O3 TiO2 ceramic rod
    mechanical seal ring
  • Masking tape
  • Aluminum foil masking tape
    Aluminum foil masking tape
    masking protection
  • Sandblasting masking tape
    Sandblasting masking tape
    masking protection
  • Glass fiber cloth masking tape
    Glass fiber cloth masking tape
    masking protection