Glass fiber cloth masking tape

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This product uses special high-strength glass fiber cloth substrate and is coated with special high-silicon rubber agent. It has excellent softness, conformability, impact resistance, flame resistance and is easy-peeling with no residue. It can protect the edges of the parts that don’t need to be sprayed with no burrs.  


Length: fixed 33m                 Thickness: 0.26mm; 0.30mm

Width: 25mm; 50mm(MOQ: 5 rolls)   other size can be customized(MOQ: 50 rolls)


We supply two kinds of glass fiber cloth masking tape, 0.26mm thickness is for arc spray and flame spray, and 0.30mm thickness is for plasma spray.

Tip: The usage of this masking tape is different. Tear the tape, and the torn part can still be split into two parts, and then using the inside part of the glass fiber cloth(not the yellow side) for masking.


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