We manufacture a range of water and gas atomized powder with high quality for surface coating applications, based on cobalt, nickel and iron alloys.

There a comprehensive range of wear solutions for critical applications used in all types of surface engineering, applications and equipments, including:

  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)
  • Laser Cladding
  • Spary & Fuse (Flame Spraying)
  • Powder Welding
  • HVOF
  • Plasma spray

The Wisdom's cobalt base materials are available in forms of rod, electrodes and powder. Regarding powder, which can be consumed through welding and thermal spraying processes, they are equivalent to certain grade of Stellite, Tribaloy, Weartech and Hoganas. Strictly in accordance with UNS standard, Wisdom's cobalt metals can be classified in following specifications.

  Equivalent UNS
WD-Co1 Stellite 1 powder Weartech WT-1 Hoganas 2748 JetKote JK575
JetKote JK7201
WD-Co6 Stellite 6 powder Weartech WT-6 Hoganas 2637
Hoganas 2537
Hoganas 2737
JetKote JK576
JetKote JK7206
WD-Co12 Stellite 12 powder Weartech WT-12 Hoganas 2641
Hoganas 2741
JetKote JK572
JetKote JK7212
WD-Co21 Stellite 21 powder Weartech WT-21 Hoganas 2628
Hoganas 2528
JetKote JK571
JetKote JK7221
WD-Co32 Stellite 32 powder Weartech WT-32 Hoganas 2540   R30002
WD-Co190 Stellite 190 powder       R30014
WD-Co400 Tribaloy T-400 powder   Hoganas HB400 JetKote JK554
JetKote JK7540

The following data sheet is a comprehensive introduction of the various types of cobalt alloys. Please note that each data is an average value, and they are not guaranteed value. Detailed value will be reported after production.

  • WD Item
  • Cobalt-based
  • WD-Co1
    Stellite®1, Hoganas 2748, JetKote JK575
    Valve seat insets, bearing, cutter edge, rotary ring, etc
  • WD-Co3
    Needle holders, steel mill guide rolls, valve sear inserts, etc
  • WD-Co6
    Stellite®6, Hoganas 2537, JetKote JK576
    Engine vavle, high temperature, pressure valve, turbine blade, etc
  • WD-Co12
    Stellite®12, Hoganas 2741, JetKote JK572
    High temperature, pressure valves, sawteech screw fights
  • WD-Co20
    Wear plate, bearing sleeve, etc
  • WD-Co21
    Stellite®21, Hoganas 2528, JetKote JK571
    Fluid valve seat, turbine blades
  • WD-Co25
    Extrusion die
  • WD-Co31
    Extrusion die, turbine blade, etc
  • WD-Co32
    Stellite®F, Hoganas Hoganas 2540
    Inlet and exhaust vavle
  • WD-Co157
    Top of motor car valve
  • WD-Co158
    Pressure valves, high temperature, screw flights, etc
  • WD-Co190
    Petroleum drill bit
  • WD-Co400
    Tribaloy® T-400, Hoganas HB400, JetKote JK554
    Valve and roller path, plastic extruder in strongly corrosive media
  • WD-Co138
    Wear plate, bearing sleeve, etc
  • Nickel-based
  • WD-Ni20A
    Glass molds, various forming dies, etc
  • WD-Ni22A
    Glass molds, various forming dies, etc
  • WD-Ni25A
    Glass molds, various forming dies, etc
  • WD-Ni28A
    Glass molds, various forming dies, etc
  • WD-Ni30A
    Gear teeth, slide rail, etc
  • WD-Ni35A
    Valve seat, etc
  • WD-Ni37A
    Glass molds, plunger various forming dies, etc
  • WD-Ni40A
    Screw feeder, die inserts, etc
  • WD-Ni50A
    Pump shaft, pulp knives, screw rod, etc
  • WD-Ni60A
    Plunger extrusion press, pump inpeller, etc
  • WD-Ni6325A
    Corrosion resistance pump shaft, bearing sleeve, etc
  • WD-Ni25
    Glass molds, various forming dies, etc
  • WD-Ni35
    Glass molds, various forming dies, etc
  • WD-Ni45
    Exhaust valve, plunger, etc
  • WD-Ni55
    Plunger, drawing roller, etc
  • WD-Ni60
    Plunger, easily worn parts, etc
  • WD-Ni62
    Shovel teech, paper break wheel, easily worn parts, etc
  • Iron-based
  • WD-Fe2537
    Inlet and exhaust valve, valve seat