Tungsten Carbide Coating of Hydraulic Rods Surface for Longest Life Possible


Traditional hardchrome coatings and hydraulics have never worked long enough. Even with a sealer the porosity eventually allows the hydraulic fluid under pressure to penetrate the coating.  Once the pressurized fluid hits the substrate, it spreads out under the coating and lifts it off.


Wisdom manufacture, repair and upgrade hydraulic rods. We use HVOF applied tungsten carbides on the rods and engineer to mirror finish surface. In most case HVOF technology is the best choice across various thermal spray processes. This method of repair is most suitable for high wear area. These materials offer at least a four times increase in life over conventional hardchrome rods.


Below are advantages of thermal spray coating against hard chrome:

  • Increased wear resistance & service life
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Better bond characteristics
  • Bonds to a wider range of materials
  • Higher hardness, higher density, lower porosity
  • Thick coating capability
  • No part size limitation
  • Does not affect substrate
  • No substrate fatigue debit
  • No hydrogen embrittlement of substrate
  • Decreased rework frequency


Wisdom HVOF tungsten carbide coating is certified as one of the minimum porosity tungsten carbide spray deposit in China. This means that there is hardly hydraulic fluid penetrating the hardfacing, and the coating won’t delaminate. Wisdom can produce rods size based on clients’ customized requirement.


Wisdom has successfully coated hundreds of hydraulic cylinder rods with HVOF applied tungsten carbide coatings for increased wear and corrosion resistance for many years. We serve both industrial, military and aerospace market in China. About a years ago we started to work with Military Defense Department for rocket launcher. We coat about 100 hydraulic rods per month. With HVOF WC10Co4Cr coating the rods last much longer than before. The first ones we sprayed have been in service for over one year. A report of a visual inspection about three months ago was: “they still very look like the situation they were when we first installed them”.