Wood & Timber

We supply a comprehensive quantity of coating materials to overlay shaped and pressed saw tips as well as circular saws. Our hardfacing gives better surface finishes and incredibly longer operational times. For instance, WD-Co1, WD-Co12, WD-Co190 are commonly used to extend the useful life of sawblades. They are available in continuous cast rod (2.7mm and up). In the past decade, we have gained abundant experiences with manufacturers for producing better grades of WD alloys, helping saw mills reduce kerf sizes and improve the quality of the wood they produce.


The operational time of a wood bandsaw blade is considerably increased by tipping the teeth with WD-Co in diverse circumstances. Traditionally, cobalt-based aloys tipped bandsaws were consumed for cutting hardwoods, but in our existing cases, the capabilities of WD-Co have also been proven on softer woods such as Fir & Pine. For other required applications, which are similar to mentioned above, WD is perfectly placed to provide the alloy to suit your needs.

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