We manufacture a wide variety of products to the automotive industry. Currently, our priority is the hardfacing alloys for valves. We offer services allowing engines to run longer and cleaner to meet the severe emission demands, which is imposed on the industry. As a specialist, we know that not only the mechanical degradation from impact and sliding stresses, but also hot corrosion by the combustion influence the valves of internal combustion engines. There are numerous of evidences for our alloys which prove the reduction of engine downtime.

According to the high hardness requirement for the top of valves in motorcycle industry, we invent WD-Co1T specifically designed to help manufacturers have a place the market. The hardness of WD-Co1T could reach HRC58. Regarding the circle of valves, WD-Co6 and WD-Co12 are commonly utilized. In some conditions that are not stringent enough, Fe 2537 could replace Cobalt as a substitute.

In terms of diesel engines, hot corrosion is a particularly critical problem, especially if low grade fuels are used. As for the small diesel engines, on one hand, in truck or construction vehicle, we supply WD-Co12 or WD-Co12H due to the high speed and huge torsion and sometimes the overloading. On the other hand, the valves of large freighters demand the higher hardness, up to HRC49 or 50. As a result, we offer our hardest product called WD-Co12HH.

To maintain efficient engine operation, it is vital that engine valves are protected against such wear. WD1, WD6, WD12 take the majority places in the automotive valve industry. We offer aftersales service to record our customers’ performance and provide the professional support with engineering solutions.

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