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Household appliances need spraying parts, mainly metal (cold rolled steel or aluminum alloy material) tank shell and parts, as well as plastic casing and parts.


A. Excellent decorative properties: Requires the coating surface plump, smooth, bright color coating and soft, moderate luster, giving a comfortable feeling.

B. Good corrosion resistance: Requires coating has sufficient corrosion resistance, resistance to chemical media erosion. In the useful life of the product range and will not appear bubbles, rust, peeling and other ills affecting the appearance of the decorative.

C. Good construction performance: requirements to adapt to electrostatic spraying or electrode position coating production lines operating, etc., and can be applied to various substrates such as steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and plastics.

D. Has the heat given functions: spray coating requires a certain degree of heat resistance, abrasion resistance, non-toxic, non-stickiness.


Paint spraying appliances

Household appliances paint by the use of parts of different materials, into the metal surface coatings and plastics with two types of surface coatings. The coating according to the state, into a liquid paint (solvent-based coatings and water-based paint), and solid coating (plastic powder coating). Typical paint appliances are as follows:

Metal Coating:
Primer: solvent-based coatings, the most commonly used is a new drying epoxy ester primer, steel parts and other iron red epoxy primer, aluminum and aluminum alloys with zinc yellow epoxy primer and the like; water-based paint epoxy ester anode electrophoretic coating and cathodic electrode position coating.
Topcoat: solvent-based coatings are mainly amino alkyd baking, baking and amino polyester acrylic baking and other categories; mainly epoxy polyester powder coating, polyester and acrylic type and other categories.

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