They are used primarily for wear application, our cobalt alloys can be applied by various fusion welding process or thermal spraying process and are particularly suitable for hardfacing applications.  Our cobalt alloys are adaptable and can be refined for a range of special applications. Their unique combination of wear resistance, strength and corrosion resistance make them applicable to many harsh environments.

Our Cobalt hardfacing alloys are selected for their excellent resistance to the widest combination of wear-resistant applications. The degree to which the cobalt alloys retain these properties insures their particular position in wear technology area.

The Wisdom's cobalt base welding materials are available in forms of rod, electrodes and powder. Regarding rod and electrode, they are equivalent to Stellite, Tribaloy, Bishilite, Stoodite and Tribaloy welding rod and electrode. Strictly in accordance with AWS, ASME and UNS standard, Wisdom's cobalt metals can be classified in following specifications.

  Bare Rod Covered Electrode
AWS A5.21 ASME SFA 5.21 UNS Equivalent AWS A5.13 ASME SFA 5.13 UNS
WD-Co1 Stellite 1 rod ERCoCr-C ERCoCr-C R30001 Stellite 1 electrode ECoCr-C ECoCr-C W73001
WD-Co6 Stellite 6 rod ERCoCr-A ERCoCr-A R30006 Stellite 6 electrode ECoCr-A ECoCr-A W73006

Stellite 12 rod

ERCoCr-B ERCoCr-B R30012 Stellite 12 electrode ECoCr-B ECoCr-B W73012
WD-Co21 Stellite 21 rod ERCoCr-E ERCoCr-E R30021 Stellite 21 electrode ECoCr-E ECoCr-E W73021
WD-Co32 Stellite F rod ERCoCr-F ERCoCr-F R30002        
WD-Co190 Stellite 190 rod ERCoCr-G ERCoCr-G R30014        
WD-Co400 Tribalory T-400 rod     R30400        

The following data sheet is a comprehensive introduction of the various types of cobalt alloys. Please note that each data is an average value, and they are not guaranteed value. Detailed value will be reported after production.

  • WD Item
  • Cobalt-based
  • WD-Co1
    Stellite®1, Weartech WT-1, Bishilite 1
    Valve seat insets, bearing, cutter edge, rotary ring
  • WD-Co3
    Valve seat insets, steel mill guide roll
  • WD-Co4
    hot extrusion die, dry battery industry
  • WD-Co6
    Stellite®6, Weartech WT-6, Bishilite 6
    Engine vavle, high temperature valve, turbine blade
  • WD-Co6H
    vessel engine, Valve Seats
  • WD-Co12
    Stellite®12, Weartech WT-12, Bishilite 12
    Pressure valves, sawteech screw fights
  • WD-Co12H
    Chain saw bars, Saw Teeth
  • WD-Co21
    Stellite®21, Weartech WT-21, Bishilite 21
    Fluid valve seat, turbine blades, hot forging die
  • WD-Co25
    corrosion-resistant valve sealing surface, pressure casting dies
  • WD-Co31
    Extrusion die, steam turbine blade
  • WD-Co32
    Engine inlet and exhaust valve
  • WD-Co190
    Petroleum drill bit
  • WD-Co400
    Tribaloy® T-400
    Valve and roller path, plastic extruder in strongly corrosive media
  • WD-Co800
    Tribaloy® T-800
    Valve and roller path, plastic extruder in strongly corrosive media
  • Nickel-based
  • WD-Ni22
    Glass molds, brick molds, various forming dies
  • WD-Ni25
    Glass molds, brick molds, various forming dies
  • WD-Ni40
    Pump shaft, feeding spiral outlet, valves sealing surface, etc
  • WD-Ni50
    Pump shaft, pulp cutter, valve, plunger, etc
  • WD-Ni60
    Pump shaft, pulp cutter, valve, plunger, etc
  • Iron-based
  • WD-Fe90
    Relieved teeth, pump sleeve, sawteech, etc
  • WD-Fe94
    Excellent wear-resistance, excavator, cracker roller, etc
  • WD-Fe303
    Used to make wearing parts in agricultural machinery, metallurgical mines, construction materials industry etc
  • WD-Fe304
    Good resistance against wear, high temperature, thermal shock
  • WD-Fe306
    Good resistance against abrasive dust wear and corrosion, etc
  • WD-Fe308
    Comparatively good high temperature, corrosion, thermal shock-resistance and high temperature hardness
  • WD-Fe307
    Used where excellent abrasive dust wear-resistance is required, gouge type drill head shaft, crack, wearing parts of stirrers