Customer’s common questions for WISDOM automatic PTA engine valve seat machine

Q:How long Guarantee is WISDOM PTA engine valve seat machine?

A:Quality Guarantee is one year, continue working life at least 10 years.


Q:Which Spare parts does WISDOM give (as standard)  together  with the machine?

A:Nozzle 2pc.  Electrode 2pc.  Flow tube 4pc.  Insulation tube 4pc.  Flow net 2pc.  Electrode clamp 2pc.  Electrode cap 1pc.  Screw 6pc.  Special spanner 3pc.  Sealing ring 10pc.  Metal powder feeding tube 2pc.  Plastic powder feeding tube 2pc(total 2 meters).  Welding glass lens 1pc.  Tongs wear resistance rod. Engine valve push rod 1pc.  Powder inductor 1pc.  Water flow sensor 1pc.


Q:Which Consumables WISDOM recommend  customer  (to buy) for  torch?

A:Nozzle    Electrode   Flow tube   Insulation tube   Transition joint    Install screw    Flow net    Sealing ring   Electrode cap 


Q:Does WISDOM machine makes PREHEATING  (Do you heat valves before welding operation) ?

A:Normally our machine is cold welding, but we can adjust system to achieve preheating function.


Q:How long the Torch Life ? (for 8 hours work or 250 days working)

A:It is depending on the current and actual welding, normally one nozzle can weld 5000pc valves.


Q:What is the price of a complete torch, if customer want to buy an extra?

A:Welding gun price: 5000USD/pc.


Q:For big size valves which couldn’t move by automatic process, does customer could change to manually process?

A:For WISDOM automatic PTA machine, both automatic and manually process are available.


Q:Can you provide all documents and machine screen/Button in English language?

A:We will provide Operation Manual, Maintenance Manual, Electrical circuit drawing, PLC Ladder Drawing and machine screen/Button in English language.

Below are photos of our PTA machine:

Spare parts:


Screen display:


Total Machine: