Specification, Strengths and Warranty of Wisdom's WC Corrugated Roller

Wisdom are one of the first tungsten carbide corrugated roller production enterprise in China with capacity of a full set of first-class production equipment. We have more than one CNC flutes grinding machine, excircle grinding machine, special polishing machine and slotting equipment etc. Besides, we have whole Praxair JP5000 HVOF equipment imported from USA. We stringently control all the processes from raw materials to finished products.


Product Introduction:

Corrugated roller is the most important component of corrugated fiberboard production equipment. The base metal generally uses steel 4145 via Intermediate frequency quenching to achieve hardness above HRC60. As the core component its wear resistance and service life are main technical indicators to measure the quality and cost. It has direct impact on the economic benefits of corrugated board manufacturers. To meet the requirement of increasing higher speed of corrugated cardboard production line, and improve the wear resistance and surface hardness of corrugated roller to improve service life, we use HVOF process to spray tungsten carbide coatings.


Specification of typical flute types:


Flutes per feet

Height (mm)

Take-up Ratio


34 ± 3

4.6 ± 0.2

1.4 - 1.52


39 ± 3

3.6 ± 0.3

1.36 - 1.45


49 ± 3

2.7 ± 0.25

1.32 - 1.4


74 ± 3

1.6 ± 0.25

1.27 - 1.38


120 ± 3

0.7 ± 0.2

1.15 - 1.25


Three UNIQUE strengths of our rollers that other Chinese companies don't have:

1. Roll base metal: 50CrMoA steel

2. Multiple stage heat treatment: soft nitriding plus supersonic frequency -- others use intermediate frequency

3. Coating powder: Praxair 1342VM imported from USA -- others use Chinese made powder


Two more strengths:

1. Stability: our rolls can serve immediately after setting up with very small possibility of down-time

2. We’ve completely solved the issues of tungsten carbide coating peeling-off and rolls cracking



1. We assume the risk of insufficient hardness of the roller, and we shall be responsible for insufficient hardness of the corrugated roller

2. Roller life guarantee more than 30 million long meters. Free renovation if do not reach the life

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