Molybdenum wire


Molybdenum, is a chemical element with the symbol Mo and atomic number 42. The name is from Ancient Greek molybdos and a popular abbreviation for Molybdenum is Moly.
This silvery metal has the sixth highest melting point of all metals. For example tungsten and rhenium have higher melting points.
Molybdenum’s ability to resist high temperatures without expanding or softening makes it useful in high pressure and high temperature applications.Sometimes molybdenum wire is used instead of tungsten due to its lower density, about half of tungsten.
However, the weight to strength ratio for molybdenum wire is high

Equivalent to: Oerlikon Metco Spray bound, Tafa 13T.


Mo 99.95

Deposit Characteristics


Diameter Air Pressure Voltage Amperage Standoff
3.17mm 50-60 psi 32-34 100-250 *3-6in(8-15cm)

*Parameters are typical and may vary depending on equipment used.Contact your equipment manufacture for optimum spray parameters.


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Production process

Usually molybdenum processing factories with high purity ammonium molybdate or molybdenum oxide as raw materials, with the production capacity of the following:

Molybdenum rod production:

Molybdenum powder after HIP processing temperature sintering into molybdenum bars.

The thick wire Molybdenum:

Molybdenum rods processed into 5-6mm thick hot rolled molybdenum filament yarn

Molybdenum filament

The 5-6mm thick wire or through a multi-channel stretch to produce the final dimensions of the customer's needs molybdenum wire.

Spray process

Arc Spray

Arc spraying is the use of electric arc burning in two consecutive fed between the wires to melt the metal, with a high velocity gas stream molten metal atomization, and the atomization of the sprayed metal particles so that they accelerate the work to form a coating technology .

Flame Spray

The use of a flame as the heat source, the metal and non-heated to a molten state, forming a mist flow in the state of high-speed air jet to the substrate, the injection of the molten minute particles impact upon the substrate above, plastic deformation, into a sheet shape superimposed sedimentary layers.


Spray molybdenum wire is mainly used for spraying fine automobile component surface wear and mechanical wear surface to enhance the wear resistance since.

Since molybdenum has good wear resistance, it is considered the metal thermal spray technology indispensable material, piston rings, synchronizer rings, surface thermal spraying gearbox and other auto parts are widely used. Spray molybdenum wire welding methods can also be worn after repair mechanical parts (such as bearings, bearings, crankshaft etc.). In addition, spraying molybdenum wire can be made of the intermediate tie coat.

Packing and shipping

Diameter Dimension Tolerance Packing Wire Weight
1/16"(1.6mm) +0/-0.05 Coil Form 10-50kgs/coil
2.0mm +0/-0.05 Coil Form 10-50kgs/coil
1/8"(3.17mm) +0/-0.05 Coil Form 10-50kgs/coil


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