Sandblasting masking tape

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This tape is especially for shading protection when sand blasting. When using the tape, just wrap the high temperature masking tape around the area requiring protection, and then wrap the sandblasting tape (WISDOM50) on the high temperature shielding masking tape. For all of the tapes, we suggest wrapping two or more layers for better protection and pressing hard on the pressure head of the tape. The rotation direction of the work piece should ensure that the pressure head follows the direction of the spray gun. Tear off the sandblasting masking tape when the sand blasting process is completed, and the high temperature masking tape part will be left to directly perform the spraying operation.


Length: fixed 33m                 Thickness: 0.5mm

Width: 25mm; 50mm(MOQ: 5 rolls)   other size can be customized(MOQ: 50 rolls)


It applies to shading protection for sandblasting.

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