Invar 36


Invar36 is a special low-expansion iron-nickel alloy having an ultra-low expansion coefficient. Wherein the control of carbon and manganese content is very important. Cold deformation can reduce the thermal expansion coefficient, heat-treated at a specific temperature range enables stable coefficient of thermal expansion. Air dried at room temperature Invar 36 has corrosion resistance. In other harsh environments, such as humid air, there may be corrosion (rust) can occur.


Ni% Fe%
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Production process

Spray process

Arc Spray

Arc spraying is the use of electric arc burning in two consecutive fed between the wires to melt the metal, with a high velocity gas stream molten metal atomization, and the atomization of the sprayed metal particles so that they accelerate the work to form a coating technology .

Flame Spray

The use of a flame as the heat source, the metal and non-heated to a molten state, forming a mist flow in the state of high-speed air jet to the substrate, the injection of the molten minute particles impact upon the substrate above, plastic deformation, into a sheet shape superimposed sedimentary layers.


Commonly used in aerospace, electric power, petrochemical, shipbuilding, machinery, electronics, environmental protection and other industries.

Packing and shipping





Dimension Tolerance


Wire Weight



D 300 Spool

15kgs(33 lbs)/spool



D 300 Spool

15kgs(33 lbs)/spool



Coil Form



Other sizes can be produced based on customers’ requirement

Delivery time


Normally we keep stock of 1.6mm, we can ship the stock wire in 1-3 days.

For mass order, delivery time is depends on the quantity.

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