WISDOM product update for Ceramic anilox roller

Our company now can provide ceramic anilox roller with excellent wear resistance. It is widely used in carton printing machines, flexo printing machines, and high-precision coating machines ofanodized aluminum, gold and silver card, composite film, optical film, protective film, lithium battery separator and ribbon industries.

The laser-engraved ceramic anilox roll is formed by a thermal spray process to form a high-hardness ceramic layer, which is precision-polished by a laser engraving machine after high-precision grinding and mirror polishing. It has the characteristics of being able to freely select the network cable, volume and arrangement shape according to the customer's needs. Especially in the equipment using the scraper, its wear resistance performance can be well played, and it can reach the service life of several times of ordinary electroplated hard chrome roller. For customers who are looking forward to long-term, safe and stable production, they can play a considerable role in improving the quality of their products.

Product advantage:

The high-precision roll is suitable for the operation of the equipment with high speed and high efficiency.

The ceramic coating is more denser, better and wear-resistant than traditional coating, which can ensure high screen line engraving and smoother surface.

The thinner cell wall and the best ratio of pitch and depth can get more volume in unit area.

The smoother cell wall ensure the roll gets a excellent release and transfer performance, which means more thicker and uniform layer.The accurate cell shape and the same cell volume makes it easier to control the transfer volume of ink or coating medium.

The diversified selections of cell shapes can meet the needs of different transfer requirements under different conditions.

Product specification:

Roller diamater: 40~6000mm

Scope: 20-1800LPI 

The largest width: 5500mm

Mesh: Can be designed according to customer requirements

Cell Specification:

Cell Shape: Hexagon, Diamond, Tri-helical and other special shapes

Cell Angle: 60°、45°、30°and other special requirements,Tri-heliacal 1~89°

The Anti-corrosion Ni-Al, Ni-Cr, bond coating.

The Special Cr2O3/WC-12Co Powder coating

The Special Ceramic Sealant Re-protection

Porosity: 1~3% (which can engrave 2000 L/in)

Coating Hardness: HV0.3≥1250

Coating Strength: 40—60Mpa

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