Coating Technology of Ceramic Anilox Roller and Application of Thermal Spraying

Ceramic anilox rolls have certain advantages in printing, but due to the special requirements of their materials, special maintenance of ceramic anilox rolls is required. What are the characteristics of the coating of ceramic anilox rolls? The characteristics of ceramic coating technology compared with the overall structural ceramic material ceramic coating technology has the following characteristics:

1 It can organically combine the toughness and easy processing of metal materials with the high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of ceramic materials.

2 Reasonable choice of coating materials and suitable spraying process can obtain various functional surfaces and strengthen the coating.

3 Not limited by the substrate: The base material used for thermal spraying may be inorganic materials such as metal, ceramic, cement, refractory, stone, gypsum, etc., or organic materials such as plastic, rubber, wood, paper.

4 Not limited by co-construction size and construction site

5 The coating deposition rate is fast, the thickness is controllable, and the process is simple.

6 The ceramic coating has good process ability and can be sprayed after the coating is damaged.

Our company can provide coating materials for ceramic anilox coatings such as Cr2O3 powder, NiCr80/20 powder, NiAl95/5 wire and AlMg5 wire.

Thermal spray ceramic coating technology can be used not only in the processing of ceramic anilox rolls but also in the following industries:

1 Thermal barrier coating: The key components of aero-engines are high-temperature alloy turbine blades and turbine disks. These heated components are exposed to high temperatures, oxidation, and high-speed airflow. For gas turbine components with temperatures up to 1100 ° C, Exceeds the temperature limit (1075 ° C) used in nickel-base super alloys. An effective solution is to apply a thermally insulating high-melting ceramic coating called a thermal barrier coating. Thermal barrier coatings are mainly used for heating components of aviation, ship and land gas turbines, as well as civil internal combustion engines, turbochargers, oxygen spray guns for metallurgical industries.

2 Anti-high temperature adhesive wear coating: heat treatment furnace rolls, backup rolls, sintering rolls and other high temperature rolls are mostly operated at 800-1200 ° C high temperature, using thermal spraying technology, spraying special ceramic or cermet coating on the surface of high temperature furnace rolls. It has good high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-adhesion, anti-knocking and self-cleaning and purifying functions, which can not only improve the service life of the furnace roller, but also produce steel with excellent surface quality and good quality.

3 Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating: High-pressure reciprocating metering pump plunger for chemical plant, using Al2O3-Ti2O3 composite coating to replace traditional chrome plating process, its service life is increased by six times, in low-stress sliding wear and abrasion In the meantime, almost all of the original chrome-plated products can be replaced with thermal spray ceramic coatings.