New Product - Nickel-based tungsten carbide powder equivalent to Stelcar65

For the needs of products in some industries, WISDOM developed nickel-based tungsten carbide powders, which are mainly used for overlay welding and repair of mining, oil exploration and earthmoving equipment parts.

This product is a nickel-based composite alloy powder containing 65% tungsten carbide. The carbide has an angular microstructure, and the hard phase has a microalloy hardness of 2200 to 2500 HV. Nickel-based alloys provide a good wear resistance and uniform impact strength for the solder layer. The wear resistant phase is a cemented alloy tungsten carbide uniformly distributed in the matrix, the carbide remains almost completely in the matrix. The base powder is produced by gas atomization and can improve the stability of the welding process.

When using plasma transfer arc (PTA) welding, the phase transformation of tungsten carbide does not occur by a reasonable process. The matrix structure does not cause cracks due to carbon addition, so the PTA surfacing layer can eliminate the tendency to crack.

This material can be used for overlay welding low carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel alloy base materials.

The base metal can be preheated to prevent any cracks entering the base metal.

Welding parameters

Current 100 - 140 Amps Voltage 22 - 25 volts

Nozzle diameter 3.2 mm Plasma gas, argon gas 2.2-2.8L/min

Powder feeding gas, argon gas 2.0-3.0L/min protective gas 15-18L/min

Welding speed 7 - 10 cm/min Oscillation width 14 - 18 mm

Oscillation speed 900-1200cm/min Powder feeding 50-120g/min

Torch height 10 - 15 mm