WISDOM Stellite Application For Oil & Gas

Provides a comprehensive range of wear solutions for critical applications used in Oil and Gas exploration area, completion area and productions activities area. It is essential that WISDOM customers are able to keep their production equipment runing, and WISDOM have confidence that the mechanical parts within their system will give them predictable performance and reliability.

When your critical components are two miles underground at the end of a drill string, you want to be insured that they continue to perform well, from the start of drilling to finish of the project. The need for deeper wells and harder to reach product has increased the demand for components that don’t wear out prematurely. The use of WISDOM Stellite has become the standard for the industry that encounters some of the toughest environments that mother earth has to offer.


WISDOM Stellite wear resistant products provide peace of mind for today’s major OEM’s and service providers in the oil exploration industry. WISDOM wear resistant components are in use throughout the world for many of the internal wear parts in Tri-cone Rock Bits, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) tools. WISDOM wear resistant coatings are used to protect some of the critical external components of the drill string including Wear Bands and Stabilizers and allow our clients to drill longer and deeper than ever before.

Oil Field Aplications:

•Erosion Inserts
•Landing Sleeves
•Mule shoes
•Turbine Sleeves
•Flow Diverters
•Fishing Heads
•Wear Bands