Petrochemical Pipe

With the application of high-sulfur crude oil and more and more increase of production, exacerbating the problem of corrosion of the original heater. The role of these oil fired heater is to raise the temperature to 340-370 ℃.

Traditionally, pipeline these heaters are used 5Cr-0.5Mo steel, which steel is very easy to generate sulfides deposited, thereby clogging the catalyst bed and aggravated coke heater. The use of stainless steel and easy to produce stress corrosion cracking problems. Possible corrosion problems, taking into account the different fuel heater caused. High-sulfur fuel can make the furnace temperature up to 955 ℃, but it can cast pipe bracket 50%Ni - 50%Cr component cause significant corrosion. There was a similar furnace in 18 years of intermittent service process, the corrosion layer even thick 6.4mm. The alternative is to use INCOLOY 800HT alloy to produce crude oil heater bracket, and the choice of FM 617 wire. All the weld surface and then ERNiCr-4 (INCONEL 72) wire cover up to achieve optimal anti-curing properties.

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