Plasma spraying technology in the mouth, titanium surface coating technology is used in artificial joints artificial tooth root.

Objective cobalt-chromium alloy contains the surface properties and cyto toxicity of silver antimicrobial coating to provide the basis for clinical application.

The method of application of cobalt-chromium alloy surface prepared by plasma spraying silver-containing antimicrobial coating (coating set), by scanning electron microscopy, spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis surface properties. In conventional cobalt chromium alloy casting alloy specimens in the control group, the use of methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium method to test the coating composition gold extract (divided into 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the sub-group) and alloys group extracts and negative control group (fresh medium) L929 fibroblast proliferation (culture 1,2,3d) in mice; by flow cytometry test negative control, alloy coating group and control group differences in L929 cells were cultured for 48 h period.

The results uniform and dense coating surface, with no significant gap between the base material, the surface of the main phase of Ag, Cr and a small amount of Ag2O, Cr2O3. Cell culture 1,2,3d after the negative control group, each subgroup and alloy coating group A value was no significant difference (P> 0.05); the negative control group at each time point were 0 toxicity rating, the respective coating layer sub-group and the control group at each time point alloy toxicity rating are a proportion of coating group G2 phase of the cell cycle (8.23 ± 0.39)%, the proportion of the alloy in the control group G2 phase of the cell cycle (8.70 ± 0.46)%, two no significant difference between groups (P> 0.05), significantly lower than the negative control group [(24.15 ± 0.71)%].

Conclusion stable cobalt-chromium alloy containing silver coating structure, compared with the cobalt-chromium alloy used in the clinic for L929 Cell proliferation and cell cycle was no significant difference in the cell compatibility is good.