General remarks of automatic engine valve PTA equipment and installation requirements for users

Installation requirements for users:

1 It requires an 80A three-phase air switch for good grounding protection.

2 It requires an oxygen pressure relief valve with a 4Kg/cm2 partial pressure gauge and industrial pure argon with a purity of not less than 99.99%.

3 It requires a work space that is large enough for it according to the actual size of the equipment.

4 The equipment installation site should be away from other high-frequency sources.

5 The workplace should maintain good ventilation and ground dust protection facilities, and the ambient temperature should generally not exceed 35°C.

6 There must be no flammable or explosive materials around the workplace.

Equipment wiring

1 The power line should be not less than 10mm2 four-wire rubber wire. It adopts three-phase five-wire system, and the zero/ground lines are separated and must be reliably contacted.

2 Connect the gas supply to the air intake pipe of the device and tighten the fitting to ensure no leakage.

3 Connect the trachea, water pipes and cables among the components of the equipment.

General remarks of automatic engine valve PTA equipment

1 Cooling tank: It provides constant temperature, constant pressure water to cool the bottom of the torch and valve. The water tank has a cooling capacity of 6,000 kcal/25°C, a temperature setting range of +5°C to +30°C, an accuracy of ±1.0°C, a water tank capacity of 40 liters, and a refrigerant of R22.

2 Control cabinet: The control cabinet uses a fully-enclosed structure and is equipped with refrigeration and air conditioning to cool electrical components. At the bottom are the inlet and outlet gas lines and gas pressure switch and cable outlet connectors. The middle part is the power supply, and the upper part is the electrical control part, including PLC, powder feed motor controller and turntable motor controller, torch swing controller (optional part), welding current control conversion board, power supply, control transformer and other auxiliary elements devices and three electronic gas flow loaders.

3 Welding chamber: There are four doors before and after the welding chamber. All doors are closed during welding to protect the operator from welding arc light. While the door on the left side of the operation surface can be opened at any time, and the position of the welding torch can be adjusted in time to improve the welding quality.  

4 Torch swing motor: This motor controls the swing function of the welding torch when welding and in the welding position.

5 Operation panel: The operation panel is installed on the left door of the welding room. On the operation panel are a touch screen, a welding voltage display table and a welding current display table and automatic manual switch and torch left and right adjustment buttons. All welding parameters are operated on the touch screen. Arc voltage and current are displayed when the arc starting work. When transfer arcing works, the transfer arc voltage and current are displayed.

6 Cross adjustment system: The cross adjustment system is installed on the upper table. When the welding position needs to be adjusted, the front and rear position and height of the welding torch can be adjusted by the horizontal and vertical hand wheels.

7 Powder feeder: It consists of a sealed cartridge and a metering motor. The barrel can hold 18kg powder. The powder feeding range is 6-45 g/min. When there is about 0.2kg powder left in the cylinder, the sensor on the cylinder can detect the signal and feed it back to the PLC in time and displays no powder on the panel. At the same time, the buzzer alarms continuously to remind the operator to add powder in time.

8 Welding torch: The welding torch is installed on the arm adjustment system. Water, electricity and gas are provided by water-cooled cables and gas pipes. The powder delivered from the powder feeder will be directly sent to the welding torch.

9 Top clip: The top clip is used to hold the valve on the turntable to make the valve rotate during the welding. The top clamp is composed of two slide bars, a slider and a cylinder. It is fixed on the turntable to ensure the precision when clamping.

10 Discharge slot: The valve will slide out of the slot when the valve welding is finished. 

11 Jack system: It’s used to adjust the tilt angle of the turntable. Loosen the two locking screws and then rotate the hand wheel, and you can adjust the tilt angle of the turntable. After the adjustment is completed, the screws should be tightened.

12 Turntable system: The turntable is mounted on the upper workbench in the welding chamber. It is dragged by a numerically controlled motor and cooled by circulating cooling water. The entire turntable is adjusted by a jack system. It can be tilted from 0-45°and also lockable.

13 Lower table: There is a compressed air control system inside the lower table to control the up and down movement of the top clamp. The countertop is equipped with a worktable and a powder collection tube. At the same time, the lower table also serves as a mounting base for the welding chamber.

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