WISDOM hardfacing rod for BAND SAW BLADES

Hardfacing-tipped band saw blades for wooden cutting are those specific blades which are tipped on the top of their teeth using a very special cobalt-based alloy. This alloy has a considerably higher wear resistance.

These blades are recommended in the following cases:

  • To increase the operating time
  • Better final surface quality – due to lower vibrations and more efficient sawdust removal
  • Higher productivity – these blades allow higher cutting feeds
  • Longer working period between two consecutive sharpenings
  • Reduced cracking occurrence – due to lower vibrations
  • These blades provide better working conditions during the winter, being more efficient for cutting frozen wood than those with constant teeth
  • In the long term the total purchasing costs are reduced, due to a lower number of required blades. It has been experimentally proven that compared with classical blades, the life period of blades with proportional variable pitch is much longer. The rare failure cases are rather caused by certain cutting accidents, not by cracking occurrence.

WISDOM supply cobalt based(WD-Co1 WD-Co12) and Iron based(FeCrCo) rod for sawteeth, welding process suitable for TIG, OXY-Acetelyne, Electric resistance welding (ERW). The Iron based rod has similar hardness with WD-Co1 but the cost is much lower, WISDOM always keep stock for these rod, please contact us if you want to test.