WISDOM Hardfacing Nickel Based Consumables

WISDOM is a professional consumable manufacturer of hardfacing nickel based powders, rods and electrodes.

WISDOM nickel alloys exhibit superior corrosion properties, it was developed for protection against aggressive chemicals and other corrosive media. Our nickel alloys have excellent high temperature strength and resistance to oxidation.

Our nickel powder quality is similar to Wallcolmonoy, below is the comparation for customer’s reference:

Our brand            wallcolmonoy brand       

WD-Ni20              Colmonoy 226F

WD-Ni21A            Colmonoy 227F

They are widely used in glass molds, various forming dies, etc.

For the nickel powder form, it is possible to produce overlays from many different materials and combinations of materials with a wide range of hardness and other properties. So WISDOM offers the widest range of hardfacing materials for customer’s process.

Main Benefits:

• Can Be Highly Automated

• High Powder Utilisation

• Low Dilution

• Very Wide Range Of Hardfacing Materials

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