NiAl 80/20



NiAl 80/20 is a cored wire specifically designed for either arc spraying or flame spraying. It is self-bonding to most materials and requires minimal surface preparation. Bond strengths in excess of 9000 psi can be achieved on grit blasted surfaces. NiAl80/20 exhibits good resistance to high temperature oxidation and abrasion, and excellent resistance to impact and bending. NiAl80/20 can be machined and ground to a finish of 5 micro inches.

Equivalent: TAFA 79B, Metco 405, PMET 884

Chemical Composition

Composition Al% Ni%
Min 20.0 -
Max - Bal

Deposit Characteristics

Typical Hardness   Bond Strength  Deposit Rate      Deposit Efficiency   Wire Coverage
HRB 60-75 9100 psi 10 lbs/hr/100A 60-70% 0.9 oz/ft2 / mil

Diamenter (mm)

2.0, 3.0, 3.17

Available type

Nickel wire wraped by Aluminium


Arc Spray

Arc spraying is the use of electric arc burning in two consecutive fed between the wires to melt the metal, with a high velocity gas stream molten metal atomization, and the atomization of the sprayed metal particles so that they accelerate the work to form a coating technology .

Flame Spray

The use of a flame as the heat source, the metal and non-heated to a molten state, forming a mist flow in the state of high-speed air jet to the substrate, the injection of the molten minute particles impact upon the substrate above, plastic deformation, into a sheet shape superimposed sedimentary layers.


High Temperature Oxidation and Abrasion Resistance

Bond coat

Dimensional restoration 


Standard Size & Packaging

Diameter Dimension Tolerance Packing Wire Weight
2.0mm +0/-0.05 Coil Form/Spool 10-100kgs/coil
5kgs(11 lbs)/spool
3.0mm +0/-0.05 Coil Form/Spool 10-100kgs/coil
5kgs(11 lbs)/spool
1/8"(3.17mm) +0/-0.05 Coil Form/Spool 10-100kgs/coil
5kgs(11 lbs)/spool


Brand, Neutral or Customized

Lead time

According to the quantity


Courier, Air, Sea

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