High Chromium Cast Iron Alloys

High Cr cast iron alloys is a budget solution for where wear-resistance is required.


The alloy contains high carbon and chromium elements. The surfacing layer structure is that the iron-chromium solid solution matrix is ​​distributed with a considerable amount of hard chromium carbide hard phase, which brings superior wear resistance to the alloy.


By adding elements such as Mo, V, W, Nb and Ti to the base alloy, Cr/C forms primary carbides or self-carbides, so that different types of high chromium cast iron alloy are obtained. Besides, these elements can refine alloy grains, strengthen the matrix, enhance the overall strength of surfacing alloy, and improve abrasive wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

Working Condition

The product is generally suitable for abrasive wear resistance under mild to moderate impact. By adding other strengthening elements to the alloy, the wear resistance and high temperature resistance of the product can be significantly improved.

Specifications and Processes

Rods in diameter 3.2 - 8.0 mm for TIG and OXY

Powder in customized particle sizes for PTA and laser cladding


  • Power Generation
  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Mining
  • Shield
  • Others


  • Steel mill coke crushing roller
  • Power plant coal grinding roller
  • Steel mill chute
  • Single roll crusher
  • Blanking pipe
  • Wear-resistant sieve
  • Feeding spiral
  • Cement vertical grinder
  • Wear-resistant fan
  • Cement roller presser
  • Wear-resistant liner