EN ISO 14343-A
 W/GZ 35 45 Nb

Application field

Cr35Ni45Nb is suitable for joining and surfacing on identical and similar high heat resistant cast alloys (centrifugal- and mould cast parts), such as G X-45NiCrNbSiTi 45 35.

The main application field is for tubes and cast parts of reformer and pyrolysis ovens at temperatures up to 1175° C / air.

Properties of the weld metal

The weld deposit is applicable in a low sulphur, carbon enriching atmosphere up to 1175° C and has an excellent creep strength and a good resistance against carburization and oxidation.

Typical analysis in %

0.4-0.55 1.0-2.0


35-37 44-47 0.8-1.2 ≤0.02 balance

Mechanical properties of the weld metal

Yield strength  RP0,2 Tensile strength Rm
Elongation A
MPa %
>450 >650 >8

Welding instruction

Clean welding area carefully. No pre-heating or post weld heat treatment. Keep heat input as low as possi-ble and interpass temperature at max. 180° C.

Current typeShielding gas EN ISO 14175Availability
Spools Rods
EN ISO 544 EN ISO 544
2.0 DC(-) x   x
2.4 DC(-) x   x
3.2 DC(-) x   x
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