(Automatic) machine for engine valve seat

Technical Specification and details of the parts

1. Equipment working range

1)      Valve seat diameter: 16-45mm(Cone Angle 90-150degree)

2)      Valve rod diameter: 4.5-8.5mm

3)      Total length of engine valve: 80-140mm



2. Welding parameter

1)      Arc strike power supply: Panasonic YC200BL, no-load voltage >60V, current 0-120A, fluctuation range ±0.1A.

2)      transferred arc power supply: SanRex 400P, current 5-250A, fluctuation range ±0.1A.

3)      Powder feeder: Servo motor, powder feeding quantity 4.5-45 gram/minute,loading volume 15kg

4)      Welding gun: Made in China equal to STELLITE-MODEL 600, welding current 5-250A, pressure of cooling water should be bigger than 4Kg/cm. Particle size of powder should be -100mesh to +325mesh.

5)      Cooling water tank: 5000kilocalorie, volume 40L.


3. Control panel:

1)      It can set up and display welding parameter(Mitsubishi 10inch touch screen)

2)      Gas control: It used for digital flow rate control of center gas, powder feeding gas, protective gas.(Japanese island KOFLOC3600)

3)      It can control working of powder, turntable, welding current, gas automatically and manually.

4)      It can store every welding parameter(can divide 6 overlaying section), it has failure warning and reminder.

5)      Display first three engine valves complete beat time and welding quantity of each working time.

6)      If separate preset of nozzle, electrode and cooling disc switching frequency reaches 6 figures, the machine will be paused with tri-color indicator lighting.

7)      Control cabinet use sealing industrial air condition

8)      Cleaning brush can be rotated. Cleaning frequency can be set.

9)      Valve gripper use gripping type, positioning surface is inlaid with cemented carbide


4. Positioning turntable: rotation speed is 1-15RPM, angle resolution is ± 0.1 °, tilt range is 10-90 °. We use Mitsubishi servo motor

5. PLC: Mitsubishi FX series

6. All servo motor use Mitsubishi

7. Tracheal and water-cooled cable assemblies: 5 meters of air, water pipe components for connecting the torch and the ignition box.

8. Welding chamber and safety device: The welding chamber is used to isolate the welding area and the operator. When the door of the welding chamber is opened, the welding cannot be carried out in order to protect the operator from being burnt by welding arc. At the same time, the equipment alarm. In addition, no gas and no water can also make an alarm.

9. Protection system: impeller flow sensor is set for water flow switch.

10. Tri-color indicator that indicates the operating status of the device is installed.

11. All tooling that contact work piece should be resistant to wear.

12. Equipment mechanical structure assembly drawings, electrical schematics, pneumatic schematic diagram are provided.

13. Abnormal shutdown of the equipment shall not be allowed more than once per shift, and each shutdown shall not be allowed for more than 5 minutes.

14. Block of material loading and unloading does not allow more than once per shift during automatic process.

15. Once set of tools for daily maintenance and disassembly is provided.

16. Lighting is installed in work area.

17. Pneumatic components is SMC brand.


Spare parts we will give (as standard)  together  with the machine. 

Nozzle 2pc.  Electrode 2pc.  Flow tube 4pc.  Insulation tube 4pc.  Flow net 2pc.  Electrode clamp 2pc.  Electrode cap 1pc.  Screw 6pc.  Special spanner 3pc.  Sealing ring 10pc.  Metal powder feeding tube 2pc.  Plastic powder feeding tube 2pc(total 2 meters).  Welding glass lens 1pc.  Tongs wear resistance rod. Engine valve push rod 1pc.  Powder inductor 1pc.  Water flow sensor 1pc.

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