60%WC+NiBSi Powder


This Carbide, tungsten-based powder has a nickel-based composite alloy matrix produced by gas atomization that are blended with cast tungsten carbide (CTC) having a fine acicular structure.  The powder is an excellent choice for decanter applications, steel body bits in oil and gas applications and agriculture parts. They can be used for tailing pipelines,chipper knives and so on.The service temperature can be up to 500 °C (930 °F).


Hard Phase Composition(wt.%)Matrix Alloy Composition(wt.%)
Bal. 3.8-4.1% <0.3% 40% Bal. 6.0-8.0% 2.5-3.5% 2.75-3.5% 4.0-5.0% 0.4-0.6%

Typical Physical Properties

Working Temperature
Apparent Density
Carbide:angular Matrix:spheroidal
<500°C(930°F) 4.5-6.5 g/cm3

Plasma Spraying

Plasma spray is a thermal spray coating process used to produce a high quality coating by a combination of high temperature, high energy heat source, a relatively inert spraying medium, usually argon, and high particle velocities.

HVOF makes use of propane gas, propylene and other hydrocarbon gas or the hydrogen and high pressure oxygen burning in the combustion chamber or in special nozzle and then produces high temperature and high speed combustion flame flow.It sends powder axial into the fire,making spraying particles heat to melt or semi-molten state, and speeds up to 300-500m/s or even higher speed to obtain high quality compact coatings with good bonding strength.


1、Decanter screws

2、Petrochemical equipment

3、Mining equipment,Tailing pipelines (elbows)

4、Agricultural plowshares, harvester blades,lifting shares and shear bars

5、Equipment for bulk material processing

Standard Packing

5kg/bottle 4 bottles/box


Brand,Neutral or Customized



Delivery time:According to your order quantity.

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