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  • Hardfacing rod & electrode
    Hardfacing rod & electrode

    Rods can be coated to electrodes, they are all manufactured to meet International standard for various wearing system.

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  • Hardfacing powder
    Hardfacing powder

    WISDOM possess Aerial fog and water fog powder technology. Powder used in all types of surface applications and equipments.

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  • Thermal Spray Wire & Powder
    Thermal Spray Wire & Powder

    Thermal spray consumables in a wide range of alloys for high-temperature corrosion protection, bonding layers, build-up coating and sealing.

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  • Cobalt, Nickel Based Casting & P/M Components
    Cobalt, Nickel Based Casting & P/M Components

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Wisdom is a leading manufacturer & supplier of Hardfacing alloys, Thermal spray alloys and Nickel based welding alloys in wire, rod, powder forms at competitive prices to cater to the diverse and continuously changing needs of customers.


Our Products widely apply to Automotive industry, steel mills, glass industry, Chemical industry, powder generation, oil & gas and so on.


Wisdom manufacturing unit possesses a fully integrated production infrastructure starting from melting of virgin raw materials to final packaging stage; It is led by a highly qualified team of engineers, supervisors and operators. We support clients with an efficient logistic process to ensure in-time delivery of their ordered products and services.